Mission and Vision


Committed to providing top-quality patient care

MultiCare Cascade Surgical Center has been providing safe, convenient, cost-effective surgical services for the Auburn community since 2013. Our board-certified physicians and surgeons, assisted by experienced registered nurses, medical technicians, and support staff, offer a wide range of personalized healthcare services in a compassionate and personalized environment.

As an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), we offer cost-effective surgical procedures that do not require hospital admission. Patients arrive on the day of the procedure, have the surgery in an operating room fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, and receive care from our warm nursing staff.

Why choose us?

Our Mission

To provide an excellent outpatient surgical experience with the highest level of quality care delivered with compassion and value for our patients.

Our Vision

To improve the overall health of our patients by providing cost-effective care using appropriate treatment protocols in a timely manner and to further the field of outpatient surgery through research and education for all.

Our Core Belief

Our patients are our highest priority and we are dedicated to improving their lives by providing them with exceptional up-to-date care and service. To achieve this, we use best practice techniques in science and business. We treat the patient as a whole, to facilitate healing and to promote health and wellness.

Our Core Values


It is our commitment to have open and honest communication in all situations and to be transparent and truthful with our goals and actions.


We deliver care with compassion. We achieve this by applying active listening and creative thinking to develop understanding and awareness of how others are feeling to find commonalities that help us bond.


We treat everyone as equal with respect and dignity. We honor diversity and individuality by cultivating an environment in which differences are valued and celebrated.


We’re committed to creating a culture of service where teamwork is a constant. We appreciate and value individual talents to help us in accomplishing our goals as a team.

Experienced physicians committed to providing the highest level of care